Wednesday, October 27, 2010

House Party!

This cake was a massive undertaking. A client of mine came to me to ask for a replica of the birthday guy's summer home at the Cape. The guest of honor is an architect and really takes a lot of pride in this home that he designed and restored on his own. Because of his career, I wanted to make him proud and my client was super great about providing me with pictures (40 to be exact) of every angle of the home. It really helped me piece together what a beautiful house this was and there were many symbolic details that I made sure to keep.
The pictures don't do the cake justice in showing the size and detail. I had to immediately put it in the caterer's walk in fridge due to a 3 hour commute in super hot weather. The pictures are foggy because of the humidity meeting the coldness of the walk in fridge.
Click on any picture to make it bigger and view more detail!
The side of the house which is on the main road. The American Flag was waving since the flag is placed out as soon as the owner gets to the house.
This is another angled view of the side and front of the house to show the interesting architectural design:

This is the view of the yard/sitting area where I made sure to include the window above the Adirondack chairs that is usually open, the brick paved patio, the hydrangea bushes along the fence and the greenish-brown grass that is a result of a local water ban!
Another view of the same:

One side of the house that is opposite the patio/yard above. This picture shows details such as shutters (the bottom left shutter is missing in real life), dryer vents and stairway up the side of the house leading to the rental property.