Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Miniature Wedding Cakes

Mini 2 tiered individual wedding cake favors. 130 were made for my cousin's wedding this weekend.

This picture shows the detail on the top of each cake which matched the wedding cake.
Each mini-cake boxed and ready for the big day!
I'll be having visions of this picture while I sleep for a very long time!

A VERY special thank you goes out to my mom, grandmother, Aunt Sherrie, cousin Paige, friend Marilyn and Diane for helping me with this project. It took three straight days and HOURS of prep but we did it! I really can't thank these fabulous ladies enough- I love you all!!

Curious George

This is a Curious George I hand-made out of fondant- he's about 5-inches tall.

George with his Big Yellow Hat on!
This shows the top of the cake in more detail (notice the banana detail around the border and George's ball).
This is a 4 layer/2 tiered fondant cake made for a 1st Birthday.

Know when to hold 'em

Card cake made for a poker player's birthday.
Close-up of the cards and chips

Talk about a 'designer' cake!

Louis Vuitton designer cake- everything is edible!
Aerial view of the designer purse (the gold color is actually metalic!)
Close up of the purse contents- money, lipstick, coins, car keys and a lottery ticket. Not pictured: "Gold Card" credit card

Small Curious George

Let's Go Red Sox!

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

These were the favors ordered for a Bridal Shower. The theme was pink and orange gerber daisies- my favorite flower!
Each cupcake was individually boxed with a "Thank You" label. The graphic on the box matched the invitation.
Close up

Pup Cakes!

These were made when my mom's puppy Charly graduated from PetSmart's puppy school. My mom told me what each of the dogs in the class was so I made each 'human' a cupcake that looked like their dog.

This picture shows them in individual boxes:

Fun Cake for any Occasion!

This was a cake I made for my sister's 21st Birthday. It would probably feed around 50 people. This cake had a layer of chocolate, gold and strawberry cake and is covered in fondant. The only things not edible are the pictures.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Site!

Hi Everyone!

I finally decided to stop using the facebook link for the pictures of my cakes. What started off as a small hobby has become bigger by the week. I'm loving all the ideas people are asking me to come up with!

I hope you enjoy my site!

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