Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Cake to Gobble Up!

This is what you get when you have a birthday close to Thanksgiving!
This cake was made for a Thanksgiving dinner in my mom's classroom and also served as a birthday cake for three people in the class.

Close up of the turkey feet to show detail:

Just Eat It.

This cake was modeled after the birthday guy's favorite sneakers.
Everything is edible except the shoe laces, which we felt gave it the extra realistic look.
Front view of the shoe to show the label and tongue detail:

Side view of the hand-drawn Air Jordan symbol:
Back view, showing the silhouette detail:

50 and Fab-u-lous!

This is a two tiered cake with 8 and 10-inch tiers.
Each of the tiers contained a chocolate and gold layer and were
iced in buttercream and then covered in fondant.
This is a close up of the birthday girl popping out of her cake-
showing just how fabulous she is!


This cake was made for a little girl's 3rd birthday.
She had the party at Build-A-Bear so the cake was made to match!

Creepcakes II

These cupcakes were made for a very special cousin and his classroom.
They were an assortment of gold and chocolate cupcakes
topped with buttercream and fondant accents.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Welcoming a Little Girl in Style!

This cake was made for a baby shower. The cake was big enough to feed approximately 40 people, so it was a good size- even though it looks pretty small in the picture!
Every detail was hand-made out of fondant.
The cake was then airbrushed with an edible shimmer paint to add the sheen:
Congratulations Yuisa!!!

It's a Jungle Out There!

This is a double tiered cake made up of 8-inch and 10-inch tiers. It's covered in a layer of buttercream and then fondant. The animal pieces are also made in all fondant.
Close up of the tree complete with toucan!

This is a collage of the four sides of the bottom tier. Each animal was hand cut from fondant. The quality of the pictures aren't fabulous because of all the cropping I had to do.

This is the bedding set the mom-to-be had selected and the inspiration for the cake:

See, it IS okay to play with your food!

This cake was made for another very special birthday- our cousin Dominic's 21st!
The game station was made as close to scale as possible and is covered in fondant.
The remote control is also edible and made of cake.

Close-up of the side panel detail:

Remote control made with all cake and fondant:

Side view of the remote to show the back button details:

A Gift From God

This cake was made for a very special little guy- my cousin's son Liahm.
I was lucky enough to have been able to make her baby shower cake (Snakes and Snails) and can't believe it was already time for the Christening!
It is a two tiered fondant cake made with 6 and 8-inch tiers.
It was airbrushed in a shimmer paint to add the sheen.

Close up of the fondant details and the shimmer effect:

This is Liahm enjoying his first piece of cake- he dived right in (after he inspected the frosting on his hands)... So CUTE!!!

A Cake to Kilt For

This cake was made for an 80th Birthday. Unfortunately, most of the pictures of this cake were accidentally deleted on my camera. Luckily I do have one remaining picture and it happens to be the close-up of the bagpiper which was hand-made from fondant and came complete with fresh flowers on top.

This cake was two tiers covered in white fondant with white fondant swags draping down the side and also red plaid ribbon on the bottom of each tier.

Ahoy Blue!

This is a 10-inch double-layer cake with buttercream frosting and fondant details.
Close-up of the fondant details:

Extra close-up of the hand-painted treasure chest:

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Christening Cake for a Princess

The following Christening cake and cupcakes were made for a very special (and very adorable) little girl.
Mom had sent me a picture of the baby's Christening gown and we reproduced it in cake.
I also made 4 dz flower cupcakes and displayed them on the tiered stand with fresh pink roses.
Congratulations, Keri & Brian. Your pictures came out beautiful and you had a wonderful day!
This cake was made of fondant and sprayed with an edible pearl shimmer:

A close up of the gown shows the detail of the edible pearls:

This was the display that the family had for the party. Everything was set up so nicely- all in pink, white and brown.

Block Party!

This small cake was made for two colleagues at work who are each expecting.
We're so excited for you, Liz & Tiffany!
Close up of the fondant bear, blanket and toys:

A Cake for a Little Lady

This cake is a two tiered layer cake.
The tiers are made up of double 10-inch and double 6-inch cakes.
The cake was covered in fondant and layered underneath with buttercream.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where Has The Year Gone?!

This Elmo cake was made for a little guy's 2nd Birthday. I had also made his 1st Birthday cake last year (Curious George) and can't believe a year has already gone by!
The two-tiered cake had a square and round tier and is covered in fondant.

Go Celtics!

This is a double layer 1/2 sheet cake. It is entirely edible and comes complete with a hand-painted hardwood floor (click on the picture for a larger image to see the floor detail).

A Big Celebration!

These cakes and cupcakes were made for a family celebration.
We celebrated my uncle's 50th and my cousin's High School graduation.
I made cupcakes in the colors of his middle school and high school colors and had the final cake- the Holy Cross cake on an upper tier.
This cupcake stand can be rented from me- just ask!

Carpe Diem

Hand cut and painted Holy Cross Mascot.
Everything is edible!
"Carpe Diem Bobby" was printed in a "varsity" font around the cake.

A Few of His Favorite Things

This cake was made for my uncle's 50th Birthday.
He loves golf and the Mets so we combined both favorites!
Hoping the wind will blow...

A Colorful Graduation Cake

This double tiered cake was made for a grad whose favorite colors are
red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple!

Close-up of the grad cap and fondant "09":
The "09" was hand-painted with edible shimmer dust.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Now, the moment we've all been waiting for....

Kathy & Aron's Wedding!!!
I can't believe the wedding has come and gone. We had a really great time at The Hellenic Center in Ipswich. The site was beautiful and you could tell Kathy & Aron took so much time in making sure every little detail was in place. I was so impressed with Kathy's creativity- including, but certainly not limited to, making napkin rings for each guest and making a scrapbook album that was used as their guest book.
I have to admit, when Kathy first approached me insisting I do her cake I was definitely nervous. While I had done many large cakes before, this was to be my first wedding cake. I knew from early on that I had to make the cake as special as they both are. Kathy came up with the idea for her cake when she was first engaged and we spent plenty of time over Panera coffee, Halloween parties, BBQs, emails, texts and phone calls planning every detail.
After lots of preparation, baking, frosting, detailing and delivering I am happy and honored to have been a part of such a special, memorable event.
A very special thanks goes out to both Kathy & Aron for trusting in my abilities! I am so happy for you both and look foward to getting together with the new Mr. & Mrs. once they return from Haiwaii!!!
Now, for the cake!
Three tiers (6in-10in-14in) consisting of double layers (one chocolate and one gold) with traditional buttercream frosting and fresh flowers.
Close-up of the monogram detail. The backing is made of fondant -
the rest was done free-hand with buttercream

The happy couple- Mr. & Mrs. Bellorado!

Fenway's New Line-Up

This cake was made for a Red Sox fan. His wife wanted me to put Dad at bat, herself on third and her two little girls on first and second. Everything is edible except the sheet on the right that's made to look like "fans".

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Sparkly Girly Cake Fit for a Birthday Princess!

Each rose and little rose bud is edible and hand painted with an edible shimmer dust. There are approximately 100 rose buds and about 15 hand made roses.

Details of flowers on the top:
Side window:
Front door:

Close up of the sparkly purple rose:
Another view of the sparkly rose: