Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Joshua!!!

This is the "after" picture that goes along with the cake below. I can't believe our little monkey man is one! It seems like just yesterday I made his baby shower cake (the baby in the bathtub) and now I'm making his 1st Birthday cake!
Happy Birthday to you, Joshua- your auntie loves you!!!

It's Fun to be One!

This cake was made for my nephew's 1st Birthday.
We've been planning this cake since he was born :)
Notice the 'flame' on the top to make it look like a big "#1" candle:
Close up of the monkey handmade in all fondant.
We call him a little monkey- so this guy had to be included!

This picture shows just how big the cake actually was!
I also made a basketball smash cake for him.
He loves balls and was trying to reach for the ball cake the entire time.
At first, he had no idea what to expect. He didn't realize he could actually eat the ball and when he went to grab it he was so confused! His auntie had him taste a little bit and after that, he dug right in!

Our Family has Sweet Roots!!!

This was one of my biggest cakes to date. It was made for my Gram's surprise 70th birthday. I had been thinking about the theme for a while and wanted to celebrate her and our family. She is an amazing woman and her and my Papa have done such an incredible job of raising their three daughters. Gram is the glue that has held our family together and I'm so happy to have been able to honor her with this cake.

You can see the detail in the top that included a leaf for everyone in our family- including my grandparent's dog! The top was all edible and covered in buttercream.

Close up of the trunk- made with all cake and covered in fondant.
I hand-painted the wood detail and carved my Gram & Papa's initials in the trunk:
Here we are trying to cut the giant cake!

A Catbird for Kevy!

This cake was made for my sister's boyfriend.
He's a bird enthusiast and his favorite bird is the gray catbird.
Click on the picture to make it bigger-
you'll be able to see the detail in the wings, etc.
Happy Birthday Kevin!

Special Delivery!

Two tiered cake made with 8 and 6-inch layers covered in fondant.
All details are handmade and then sprayed with a shimmer to give it a softer look.
Did someone order a baby?

Welcoming Baby Bonk!

This two tiered cake is made with 8 and 6-inch tiers covered in fondant.

It was made for my supervisor's baby shower.

The colors go along with the theme of the nursery-

navy, white and mint green with little turtle accents- so cute!

The cake was sprayed with a shimmer to make it shine!

Justin's James

James the Red Engine was made for Justin's 5th birthday.
Last year he ordered the Thomas cake that is on my site too. This is all cake!


Rolling out the Red Carpet and Fondant!

The following two cakes are Hollywood themed.
***The first cake had two cameras on the top that had mini lights in it that actually blinked like real cameras. I have a video that I wasn't able to post- email if you'd like to see it!***

Both are covered in fondant with handmade fondant details.

Alexis' Skate Cake

This double layered 10-inch cake was made for my little cousin's 10th birthday.
She designed the cake herself and had it at a Roller Rink- how fun!
Everything is edible- including the handmade skates:

A Cake that is Out of this World

This is a double layered 10-inch cake with a sun cake on top.
The best part is that it was requested by a 5 year old!
The planets are all made of fondant.

Do Not Open Until Christmas!

This is a double layered square cake with raspberry filling
and white chocolate buttercream covered in fondant.

Boy Scout Levels

These were four separate cakes made for a Boy Scout event.
All pieces were hand-drawn on fondant and added to the cake.

Karate & Cupcakes

This 1/2 sheet cake was made to match the uniform
of the birthday boy's level in karate.

He is also a Cub Scout so we made cupcakes to go along
with another one of his favorite activities.

TV Dinner Anyone?

I made these cupcakes for my family on Thanksgiving-
everything was edible.