Friday, September 4, 2009

A Sparkly Girly Cake Fit for a Birthday Princess!

Each rose and little rose bud is edible and hand painted with an edible shimmer dust. There are approximately 100 rose buds and about 15 hand made roses.

Details of flowers on the top:
Side window:
Front door:

Close up of the sparkly purple rose:
Another view of the sparkly rose:

Nature's First Engineers

This cake was made for two interns leaving their summer internship.

Prepare for Cake Off!!!

Double layered 1/2 sheet cake; Feeds approx. 40 people.

The Best Things Come In....Cake!

Everything is edible on this cake- including the Ark and animals.

Think Tink!

This two tiered cake was made for a Tinker Bell themed baby shower.