Monday, December 29, 2008

Finally- More Pics Are Up!

Hi Everyone!
I hope you are all having a happy and healthy Holiday Season! 2008 was a great year for Carat Cakes and I really look forward to ringing in 2009! I want to thank my family for getting me some really great tools and books that I need to expand my business! Watch out world- I'm now fully equipped with an airbrush gun courtesy of Santa and about a million really great idea books from Dana, Wesley, Kevin and Nana.
I have posted 7, yes 7, new cakes that I have taken my sweet time to upload to the site. I recently got a new camera (with the help of my sister waiting outside of Walmart at 3am on Black Friday with me) and I'm now just setting up the software I needed to download to my computer.
Okay, enough said for now! Enjoy the site and please forward to your friends and family.

Thank you all for making 2008 so wonderful!
Cheri @ CaratCakes

Every Man's Dream

This is a double layer cake made for a guy's 50th Birthday. I was told his dream was to one day own a snowmobile shack in the woods. His wife asked for it to be a run down shack with broken down cars and a few snowmobiles in the front. Everything except the two toy cars is edible.
*You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge it to see more detail. This is probably one of my most detailed cakes*
The shack up close:

The side of the shack- complete with birds nest, bird in tree and shutter that is about to fall off:

Entrance into the shack- with door about to fall off and fire pit out front:

Close up of one of the snowmobiles:

Rubber Ducky, You're the One

This is a two layer cake with chocolate and gold made to serve around 40 people.
It was made for my cousin who is having her first baby!
Congratulations Amanda & Josh!!!
Thank you to Diane who hand-painted each floor tile!
Details of the "fat baby" in the tub complete with his ducky towel and toy and a bubbly bar of soap:

If the Shoe Fits... Eat it!

This is a 2-tiered cake made with buttercream and fondant.
The shoe is completely edible.
Made for a 30th Birthday:

Close up of the side of the shoe box detail:

A Cake Worth its Weight in Gold (and Silver)!

This is a three tiered cake (gold and chocolate) made with buttercream and fondant. It serves approximately 50 people.
Made for a 25th Birthday with gold and silver accents:

Blues Clues!

This is a 10"double layer (chocolate and gold) cake with buttercream frosting and fondant accents.
The "Big Red Chair" is also made out of cake and fondant.
I was under strict orders from Miss Marissa to have Blue sitting on the top and have Magenta and Blue around the cake.
You gotta love a 4 year old who knows exactly what she wants!!!

Side view of Blue and paw prints going around the cake:

Close up of Blue and his trail of paw print clues:

Three Little Monkeys Swinging from a Cake

This cake was made for a cousin of mine for her baby shower- Congratulations April!
This is the thank you card that was given out attached to a stuffed monkey- so cute!
Close up of baby monkey complete with pacifier:

Mischievous monkey in the back of the cake:

Left side of the cake:

Front/Right side of the cake:
(Writing was meant to look like it was coming from a swinging vine- which is why it's uneven)

Snakes, Snails and ... Cupcakes!

These are individual cupcakes with fondant accents. The accents were taken from the themed paper goods. The big #1 was a special cupcake for the Birthday boy complete with candle.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Three tiered cake with strawberry, white and chocolate cakes with buttercream and fondant. Everything is edible except the fresh flower cascade:

Friday, October 31, 2008


Ghosts, Frankies, Goblins and Mummies, Oh my!


1/2 sheet cake (1/2 chocolate; 1/2 gold) with buttercream frosting:
Close-up of the haunted house and creepy midnight sky:

Batman & Robin

This is a 1/2 sheet cake (1/2 chocolate; 1/2 gold) hand-drawn with buttercream frosting:

Friday, October 24, 2008

Slow down!

This is a 10-inch double layer cake (plus added cake for "slope")
with buttercream frosting and edible fondant "skier":

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's a Jungle out there!

This cake was made for a very special 1st Birthday- can you guess the theme?
This close-up shows the giraffe in more detail.
The cake came complete with a small "Smash Cake" for the Birthday Boy:
Two little monkey sitting on cake:

Friday, October 17, 2008


This cake is a 10-inch round with buttercream frosting and fondant accents:

Details from above:
This picture shows the smaller details:
beach towel, sunglasses, SPF, flip flops and hula skirt with coconut top

The hibiscus flowers were a must!

The center pink one has pink pearl shimmer on it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When Martial Arts & Weight Lifting Come Together

This cake was made for a gym trainer who also loves martial arts.
Here is a close-up of the fondant trainer:
This picture shows the "Happy Birthday" banner:
An aerial view of the cake to show the flooring detail:
Cake comes complete with a Planet Fitness gym bag and towel and
a water bottle:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Onesie

This cake was made for a company baby shower in honor of one of their employees:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Born to be Wild

Harley Jacket for a 50th "Biker" Party:
Side view to show the flames:

Showing our Support

Cupcakes made for the Think Pink Spring Fling- a fundraiser to benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.
There were two flavors- Strawberry Dream (strawberry cake with strawberry frosting) and Ooh La La French Vanilla (french vanilla cake with buttercream frosting)

Fit for a Princess

This cake was 2 double tiers with strawberry filling made for a 40th Birthday Party...can you guess the theme?
A view from the side to show detail:

Tiki God

3 tiered Tiki God cake complete with "tiki scene" on top and a brown sugar beach:

Close up of the tiki fire pit and pretzel-tiki torches Pirouline cookies make the bamboo effect at the bottom: