Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Sweet Bridal Shower

This sculpted cake was made for a bridal shower. The bride and groom will be eloping to a tropical location and the host wanted to reflect that in the cake.
All details were edible and the cake came complete with monogram and shells.
This picture shows the great candy table the hosts put together- how fun!

First Birthday Princess

This is a triple tiered cake (6,8,10-inch tiers) made to match a princess themed
birthday with pretty pastels as the color pallet.
The cake was covered in a layer of buttercream and then fondant.
The accents were all made of fondant also:

Ceremony to Welcome a Princess

The following two postings show a cake and matching cupcake tower for a baby's naming ceremony. Her initial was placed on each cupcake. Both the cake and cupcakes were finished with a pearl sheen to give it the extra girly shine.
***The cupcake tower pictured CAN BE RENTED***

This picture shows the cake along with the cupcake tower:
Double tiered cake (6-inch and 8-inch tiers) with fondant and pearl sheen:
Fondant bow detail with pearl sheen finish:
Close-up of cake details:

Another Wedding Cake!

This cake was made for a very special bride and her groom. It was ivory fondant with buttercream details. These pictures were taken before the florist added the fresh flowers.
There was a small light on the top tier that illuminated the "S" monogram and the crystals.
***The cake was placed on a silver cake plateau which can be rented-
a round version is also available***
Close-up of the monogram cake topper with crystals and pillar details:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This sculpted cake was made to mirror the birthday boy's favorite alcohol.
Aerial view of the bottle:
Close-up the label that was drawn by hand:
Close-up of the metallic bottle top:

25 Years and 150 Cupcakes!

This cake was ordered to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary. The host wanted something that resembles a cake but easier to serve to the 150 guests.
Solution: Cupcake tower!
***This tower can be rented and made smaller or bigger depending
on the number of cupcakes***

"2" Alarm Fire Cake!

This is a double tiered cake made of fondant with a buttercream layer underneath
(6-inch and 8-inch tiers):
Close-up of fondant bricks, flames and hose:
Close-up of fire truck bursting through the cake along
with a dalmatian:
This picture is a little blurry but shows the detail of the
real flashing light on top of the fire truck:

Squash Cake that's Sure to Tastes Better than the Veggie!

Sculpted squash racket cake with raspberry filling:
The cake was modeled after the birthday boy's actual racket:

Sponge Bob Square Cake

Dive In!

8-inch double layer cake with buttercream waves and fondant accents:

Close-up of scuba girl:

Close up of some of the fondant fish: