Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It FINALLY Happened- We're Engaged!!!

Like I mentioned, there has been so much going on this summer- including our engagement!!! It's been two months and I'm still super excited and am in full planning mode (even though Dana demands I 'take it easy' since we're not getting married until June 2012)!
In case you're wondering, the answer is YES- at the moment, I do plan on making our wedding cake! My mother's reaction "good, I have until 2012 to talk you out of it!"... ha, ha, ha. I know I can do it- I have the help of so many great friends and family members that I couldn't imaging ordering my cake from someone else... famous last words (stay tuned!)...
Here are a few pictures from our special day and a shot or two of our engagement session. (I will be getting the disc with the pictures soon, I took these off of Jenn's site on Facebook which is why they are smaller than usual- I will update as soon as I get it!)
Pictures were taking by the fabulous Jennifer Cimino. Check out her site- you can also find a like to her blogspot. For all you Facebook fans- she's on there too!