Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Long Time, No Update :(

Hi Everyone!

The time has finally come to update my site. I am embarrassed to say that before today, the last time I had updated Carat Cakes was back in April. There has been so much going on lately (read on to find out what!!!)

I really appreciate all of the kind words I receive from all of you who check out my site. Please keep coming back- I promise I won't wait that long to update my site again!

I do still have some other cakes/cupcakes that are not on the site, but wanted to put the majority of them in. If you don't see your cake on the site and want it to be featured, please email an electronic version of the picture.

Also, please remember when you get to the bottom of a page, you can click on "older posts" to get to more cakes!!!

Lastly, on the last 5-10 posts I only put up pictures - no descriptions. I will be going back to update each posting to include a description, but thought it was most important to get the pics up.

Special thanks goes out to my entire family- my brother especially- for getting on my case enough times lately for me to get in gear and update!

I really hope you all enjoy!!!

Cheri @ Carat Cakes