Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Seaside Soiree

Congratulations, Stephanie & Dave!
Stephanie and Dave came to me through a referral from their neighbor- and a very loyal client of mine. First Stephanie came over one evening to discuss her ideas and I instantly knew I was going to love working with her. She has an infectious energy and is hysterical! She was really open to any ideas and we searched through some beach themed cakes since they were getting married right on the water at the Cape. She loved the idea of cupcakes so we included those.
Next was our second meeting when I got to meet Dave. He is just as funny as Stephanie and I can see how great of a couple they truly are. We talked about size of the cake, number and flavor of cupcakes, etc.
In the end, we went with a smaller two tiered cake to still get the 'wedding cake' feel and enough cupcakes (17 dozen) for everyone at the wedding to have one. There were 8 different flavor cupcakes (Chocolate, Gold, Gold with Key Lime filling, Chocolate with Raspberry filling, Espresso with mascarpone cheese filling, Lemon and Red Velvet with cream cheese buttercream.) An aunt of Stephanie's hand made their wedding cake topper.
Close up of the faded fondant look, sugar sand and white chocolate shells:

Here is the start of each of the different flavor cupcakes. The bride provided me with sand dollars to write the flavors on to display- so cute!