Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cakes for those Big Kids in our Lives-

A gecko cake for my brother. The gecko was made to resemble his pet Leopard Gecko, Lloyd who is around 14 years old! It was a chocolate and peanut butter cake with chocolate ganache to give it a 'terrain' look. My brother, father and husband were the only ones in the family I've never made a cake for and in about 6 months, I ended up making them each one!!! Check out the wedding post to see the one I made for Dana :)

This grill cake was made for a friend's 30th Birthday:

 Everything is edible except the 'grill grates':
 Edible bag of 'charcoal':

 Close up of the edible charcoal:

 Close up of the 'fiery' grill:

 An espresso martini:

 Cake for a 30th birthday for someone who loves the beach and her cute pup:

 This was one of my favorite cakes to make. It was for a friend's surprise 30th birthday at a sushi restaurant. I wanted to create the look of a sushi dinner on a table with his American Bulldog, Buddy, popping his head out from under the table:

 Last but certainly not least for the 'adult cakes' is for one of my favorite guys in the whole world- MY DAD. I need to preface this cake by saying that there was a clip on our episode of Family Feud where my dad was had to answer "Name something you shouldn't do naked". Well, his first reaction was to say "Skydive". And then in another part of one of the shows, he mentions a tiara. So.... I made him a naked sky diver wearing a tiara. LOVE YOU & YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR, DAD!!!!