Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cupcake & Cake Combos- I LOVE doing these!!!

This cake was made for a very special 21 year old. Alycia had an AMAZING themed tiki birthday and we wanted to go with a 'tropical drink' theme seeing as it was her 21st!
 The cupcakes had little straws in them to make them look like drinks:

 I have had the honor of making Harry's cakes ever since his 1st birthday. He's 4 now and I can't believe it!! He is so cute and is at the age where he's picking his own theme now. He actually had 2 birthdays this year so we did a small Star Wars themed cake and cupcakes for party #1.

For birthday #2, he picked a Super Hero theme. I had better pictures but seemed to have lost them. We made the 4 look like a superhero with a cape and then had super hero cupcakes to match:
This fun cake and cupcake combo was for a bridal shower. The bridesmaids sent me a list of all of Kate's favorite things so we've incorporated them in the cake and matching cupcakes! At first I was so nervous because there were a lot of different items and I was just hoping it would all come together :)
 Kate loves karaoke:
 Close up of the 'kicked-off' heels and bouquet:
 Kate has two cats:
 She loves the beach and was proposed to in Disney:
 More of her favorite things:
 Another kitty:
 Karaoke screen and a tipped over bottle of champagne:
 Tipped over bottle of champagne and a "Bride" wine glass:
 Matching cupcakes:

 I've done a few cakes now for the following client. Mostly for her son but now that the family has welcomed a sweet baby girl, it's time (already!!) to celebrate her first birthday!!!

Her smash cake was made to look like a strawberry and each cupcake had a handmade fondant strawberry and flower: