Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kids will be kids... and have fabulous birthdays!!!

There are so many fun cakes I've done in the past year. I know I'm missing a bunch but wanted to get the ones up that I had. If you have any pictures that aren't on the site- please share :)

I LOVED doing this cake. The bright colors and characters were so much fun!!

 Smash cake that went along with James' school bus cake:
 Monster High- I was really into this one too! Girly mixed with a little 'sass' :)

 This was another super fun cake. It was made for my nephew Joshua's 3rd birthday. I loved doing the details and carving the cake into a "3":

This smash cake goes along with Lightning McQueen:
 I'm embarrassed to admit that this cake is actually for the same little boy as the school bus above. Yes, I haven't posted in over a year :( James- how are you already 3!?!

The headlights actually lit up but these pictures don't show that because we had to add the lights when we dropped the cake off: